Outsourced Accounting Services

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Are you bogged down by doing in-house accounting functions that don't allow you the time to focus on your core business?  Looking for a reliable accounting firm or financial accountant?

You should consider outsourced accounting services. By outsourcing your accounting functions we will look after your accounting, bookkeeping services, tax, VAT, payroll services and business registration, freeing you up to take care of sales and management functions that will increase your bottom line.  When done correctly, outsourcing your accounting can actually save costs by allocating the time and money and normally assigned to in-house resources to a dedicated, professional serivce provider.  This is where Drake Financial Services comes in.  We offer back-office accounting services at an affordable rate and transparent pricing

Falling behind with your books is a common problem for smaller companies who are caught up in the daily operations of their company. Many companies continue in this manner even while their profits grow, until one day they are faced with an accounting crisis due to too many divided concerns by the business owner. In these cases we can immediately step in to help you get your books in order and advise you on a plan going forward.

If you find that:

  • You are lagging behind with your financial records;
  • You are incurring unnecessary penalties from SARS;    
  • Your bookkeeping is behind and affecting cash flow;
  • Your business is not focusing on its core strategy;
  • You are spending too much time doing the accounts;
  • You are employing a person who is not adequately trained;
  • Your back-office costs are too high;
  • There is not enough work for your bookkeeper/accountant;
  • You need to manage your employees better;
  • You need more time to focus on your clients;

Drake Financial Services can provide you with a professional service that addresses all these issues and keep you abreast of the precise financial state of your business
Our accounting services will keep you compliant with accounting standards and Generally Accepted Accounting Practices

Outsourcing your accounting services to us can be a gradual process with various prices depending on which services you would like us to take care of.  Our list of outsourced accounting services include:   

  • Annual Financial Statements;
  • Business Valuations for Companies, Close Corporations & Partnerships;
  • Cash Flow Management;
  • Cash Flow Management;
  • Compiling of Budgets;
  • Creditors Management;
  • Debtors Management;
  • Financial Management;
  • Inventory Management;
  • Management Accounts;
  • Monthly Bookkeeping;
  • Company Registration;

Why Outsource your Accounting?

Save on Costs

A professional, reliable outsourced accountant can actually save you money compared to an in-house, dedicated accountant

Focus on Your Core Business

Focusing on sales and management of your business will increase sales and profits in the long-term.  We give you back your time in order to help you do this


We employ only skilled and knowledgeable staff.  The company is owned an run by a fully qualified CA with more than 5 years experience.  We can provide you with timely advice based on your current financial situation


Knowledge is power, and having your finger on the pulse of your business allows you to make prudent decisions regarding the future of your company.  We provide you with up-to-date financial and management records to allow you to keep abreast of your finances

We operate out of Edenvale, Gauteng, and focus on the Gauteng market, but we also provide accounting, tax and payroll services to clients around the country.  We work with all major accounting software packages, including Pastel and Quickbooks.  Contact Us today for a no obligation quote or view our rates page to see our prices for yourself