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Your trusted partner in financial solutions

Drake Financial Services is managed by Walter Green CA(SA), a registered member of SAICA who has been involved in the financial sector since 2000.

The company was started in 2012 with the objective of offering a full spectrum of accounting and taxation related services to Small and Medium Enterprises. We have a staff complement of 4 professionals.

Drake Financial Services has an expanding network of clients in a number of industries across Gauteng.

Our ethos

Drake Financial Services strives to consistently provide exceptional and cost-effective services to their clients and ensure that all clients’ accounting and tax requirements are met. Drake Financial Services cares about their clients and are always available to assist. All services are competitively priced with the aim to ensure that all services provide value for money.

  • Richard Tannous - Director
    Working with the Drake Financial Services team is a breeze. The team is friendly, efficient, and guides you every step of the way.  Drake Financial Services has helped me to free up time and focus on the core aspects of my business, and I feel less stressed knowing that all of my bookkeeping and compliance needs have been taken care of.
    Richard Tannous - Director
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  • Mandy Ash - Operations Manager
    It was hard to keep up to date with payments of supplier and customers – our previous accountant kept getting things wrong and making mistakes with our VAT. It is always a pleasure to deal with Drake. They are always available to help in any way they can. They always sort out any problems I have or mistakes I have made promptly. Our VAT returns are not a nightmare anymore. They have our business at heart and always see how we can do things better. They have saved us time and money.
    Mandy Ash - Operations Manager
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  • Larry Khumalo - Director
    My main challenge was feeling like I had no control on my accounting. This was largely due to my lack of knowledge of the practice and my obligations as a business owner. I believe many small business owners start enterprises without this knowledge and get overwhelmed when they are in the thick of it. This was my experience, and I went to Drake for all manner of financial accounting assistance, and they have been incredible in their service offering. I appreciated that when they on boarded me as a client, they walked me through the entire financial obligations of a business. They held my hand and continue to do so. They have a way of making complicated stuff quite accessible and easy, and I appreciate that very much about Walter, Naomi and team.  My books are in order, thanks to their diligence. Very important is that they feel like a partner that keeps me honest and ensures that I meet my obligations timeously and ethically. I am very grateful for their support.
    Larry Khumalo - Director
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  • Hanja du Toit - Business Partner
    Working with Drake Financial Services has truly made business easier. I appreciate the fact that I can contact them any time to seek advice on business, financial or payroll related matters. Friendly helpful staff are always willing to assist. Furthermore, being reminded well in time of all submissions, such as VAT, tax and CIPC, also helps to ensure compliance and proper business conduct. I fully trust Drake Financial Services and would recommend their services to anyone who needs guidance to manage their payroll and accounting function.
    Hanja du Toit - Business Partner
    Du Toit’s Attorneys and Mediators
  • Mpho Nenweli - Director
    Before we joined Drake we received poor service from our service provider. They were inefficient and sluggish. Our annual financial statements were always badly done and did not reflect our business activities. We were also not accounting timorously and fully to SARS. Drake Financial Services ensures that our companies are timorously filing the requisite information to SARS.  We do not have the fear of filing inaccurate information. They are very considerate in terms of payments. If we are struggling financially, they find a way to help us and this is key in building long term relations. Our business has benefited by ensuring maximum compliance with SARS leaving us with time focus on the business and make it productive.
    Mpho Nenweli - Director
    Anisa Trading Enterprise