Drake Financial ServicesTM -
Profit and Cashflow Growth Calculator

A lot of SME’s struggle with cashflow even while remaining profitable. If cashflow is king, then knowledge is key.
Use the Drake Financial Services – Profit and Cashflow Calculator to understand what 7 levers drive cashflow and profitability in your company. Use your own company’s figures to forecast results for your cashflow and profitability and calculate what is needed to improve your cashflow by 10% to 50%.

If you as a business owner want a more accurate forecast of your business’ potential profits, cash flow and improved business valuation, reach out to us by booking a no charge 30-minute zoom call using the button below.

On this call we will do the following:

  • Understand where you are with your company’s finances right now and where you want to be.
  • Identify the challenges holding back profits, cashflow and an improved business valuation.
  • Deliver an additional detailed Deep Dive Report.
  • Insights into the top areas to tackle for profit and cashflow growth.
  • Provide you with at least 3 ideas you can implement right away..

If after the assessment, should you feel we are the right partners to work with, we can discuss next steps. If not, you walk away with a free report and actions to get started on to improve your business finances.

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