Assistance with SARS compliance

Don’t have sleepless nights over the state of your tax duties. Outsource it to us and sleep well tonight. In today’s competitive business climate, your business partners, creditors, clients and SARS, expect you to have up-to-date tax certificates and accounts.

This requires much time and money in order to accomplish on-going tax compliance in-house. The most cost-effective solution is to outsource tax requirements to a professional tax services consultant.

Drake Financial Services provides a full range of tax solutions to enable you and your company to submit tax returns on time and save you money on tax returns. We advise our clients on the different types of tax, and which tax bracket you fall into. We can save you money on your tax and VAT returns by ensuring you pay only what is legally required and not a cent more. We keep up-to-date with all the legal requirements and legislation.

Small business tax requirements place a huge burden on business owners in terms of keeping up to date with their tax concerns. PAYE, Tax and VAT all need to be paid in time on a regular basis. We can also provide you with tax advice from small businesses to large companies. We are dedicated to providing a professional and timely service to all clients. The company is run by a fully-qualified CA (Chartered Account) and we only employ qualified personnel.

We provide the following outsourced tax solutions to businesses:

Completion and submission of Income Tax returns;

Completion and submission of Provisional Tax returns;

Completion and submission of VAT returns;

Completion and submission of PAYE/UIF/SDL returns;

Completion and submission of EMP501 returns;

Correspondence with SARS;

Registration of Income Tax, VAT, PAYE/UIF/SDL and Customs;

Requesting Tax Clearance certificates;

Tax Planning;

Tax Advice; and

SARS Audits.